Episode 144 –Rogue Trader –Expect the Unexpected

Your favorite Rogue Traders once again brave the Void in pursuit of wealth and fame. They expect trouble at every turn,but nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Er,well the Inquisition at least.

Episode 139 –Rogue Trader Campaign –Return to Port Wander

The crew works to secure their new found territory and must find a way to exploit it. That will mean a trip back to civilization,which is often as dangerous as the Void.

Episode 136 –Rogue Trader –A House Rises –Part 2 of 2

The crew heads for Seldon’s Folly to investigate the mysterious crystals procured by their Tech Priest. They find some surprises. Bolter up cowboys.

Episode 135 –Rogue Trader –A House Rises –Part 1 of 2

The NerdBound crew takes to the stars and prepares to regain the honor of their Dynasty. Preparations are underway. The mission is set. Prepare for warp.

Episode 123 –Deathwatch –Tooth and Claw Part 3 of 3

Sadly all great stories come to an end and this is the end of Deathwatch Tooth and Nail.  Is is the end of Deathwatch on NerdBound?  Only Dawnsteel knows.